As a professional advertising company, XXXX advertising based on the advertising industry in Shanghai, exploration and innovation, the courage to challenge, adhering to the road how far, how far have we service the service concept, adhere to the strategy as the guide, to brand and service as the core, for our customers to provide a full range of services, the company's services inclu... 【more】
  • {f.InfoTitle} The packaging design company that needs hot

    The current design of the sample companies the most common form is coated paper color printing, single and multi page fold (fold, fold) and so on various forms, according to need can also design into a three-dimensional structure. In order to convey the corresponding package design, the content of the sample is generally the same time, including graphics and text, graphic design, the product...

  • {f.InfoTitle} Design company to protect the culture of radiation

    Since the reform and opening up, people have always believed that the central city is the economic developed city, which is not very accurate, at least one sided, the economy is important, but the construction of cultural art is one of the important indicators. Logo design level in the final analysis is a cultural ability. The development of the design company is closely related to the cultural...

  • {f.InfoTitle} Design companies to explore new concepts of life

    As the development of China's coastal developed cities can be said to be with each passing day, the vast majority of the distribution in Tianhe District, Haizhuqu District and Baiyun District of the design company has nearly a hundred. In creative thinking, should start from their own creativity, to be able to more easily play a creative. If you are going to design a product for a design co...

  • {f.InfoTitle} Ultimate brand: faith!

    Most brands in the brand awareness and efforts, there are some brands are trying to do brand trust, and very few brands can establish a reputation and loyalty, and if you want to make the consumer as the gods of their faith to worship, to love, then the difficulty is imagined. Some of the new products brand, we are aware of, cognition, such as Hengda ice spring, Wahaha, oxygen rich water, w...

  • {f.InfoTitle} Logo design how to guide consumption

    It may be a guide to the consumption of the word is still relatively unfamiliar, what is the logo design guide consumption? Today is a small series to talk about this topic. Guide consumption in the logo design industry is very important, but also more important in the network marketing. The so-called guide consumption is in the customer in the concept of not clear their consumption to play...

  • {f.InfoTitle} Like to win the best brand award

    2015 on the afternoon of 11 April 2 30 points, the first "China - Texas micro Film Festival Awards ceremony at the Texas theater is held ceremoniously. After a rigorous selection of the judges and the judges of the experts, the micro film from the 962 entries in the work, and ultimately get the "China Dezhou micro Film Festival" the best brand communications award and "100 o...

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